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Learn how to use Focusing.


You can find direction and answers

within you. 

We hold events in New Jersey for people who want to learn how to find inner calm through the practice of Focusing. At our events, which are tailored to different levels of Focusing experience, we ensure a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all attendees. 

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Bringing the practice of Focusing to Northern New Jersey and beyond.
We are a group of Certified Focusing Trainers and Focusing Oriented Therapists dedicated to training, teaching, and carrying forward the mind-body practice of Focusing for the good of the public. We offer one-on-one sessions and group training in New Jersey.
Created in the 1960's  by Eugene Gendlin at the University of Chicago, Focusing is a mind-body practice that allows you to enter into a special kind of awareness --the Felt Sense-- to access bodily sensations, images, and memories to help you move forward through an issue, a feeling, or a situation.

Is there something in you that longs

to be heard and understood?


Are you looking for inner calm? 

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Holiday Gathering

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Saturday, December 10th 2-9 p.m.

​Wayne, NJ